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  • This set includes all you need to start:Perfect, functionally tested on Windows 10 (PC) and macOS MOJAVE 10.14.4 (MAC) Cooled COLOR 12 bit CCD camera.5 Amps 12 inline fire-ware power supply to support cooled CCD. Fire-ware cable with inline powe..

    This set includes all you need to start:

    • Perfect, functionally tested on Windows 10 (PC) and macOS MOJAVE 10.14.4 (MAC) Cooled COLOR 12 bit CCD camera.
    • 5 Amps 12 inline fire-ware power supply to support cooled CCD. 
    • Fire-ware cable with inline power plug.
    • User manual, driver, qCAM software for image acquisition, LabView, Matlab, Micromanager drivers, qIMAGING SDK on CD or usb flash.
    • Removable UV filter (installed).
    • T mount C mount converter adapter.

    Optionally, please specify kind your need:

    • PCI or PCIe Controller Card Adapter to Firewire IEEE  1394A 4/6 Pin or 1394B  socket for PC connection (this camera wail work on WinXP, VIsta, Win 7, 8 and 10 but you need to use 32 bit interface software package) $20.
    • CThunderbolt 2 (or Thunderbolt 3 mini USB3 to Fireware 1394B socket and 1394B to A converter (15) for Mac connection.
    • Different kind microscope adapters are available, please contact.

    The Retiga 1300 CCD digital camera features enhanced visible quantum efficiency resulting in high sensitivity, ideal for demanding low light and fluorescence imaging applications. A progressive scan interline CCD sensor gives a resolution of 1.3 million pixels in a 12-bit digital output. High-speed low noise electronics provide linear digital data for rapid image capture. The IEEE 1394 FireWire digital interface allows ease of use and installation with a single wire requiring no framegrabber. 

    Attentions: The external power supply is not required for un-cooled Retiga 1300. However in most desktop computers and all laptops a fireware power line is insufficient to run Peltier cooling circuit in cooled qIMAGING CCDs. So, external power supply or special fireware PCI board will be necessary (~$200).

    Functional Condition:

    Excellent cosmetic conditions. The camera power on and detected by Mac OSX and Windows PC computer on device level. I do not have specific software to test it further. Anyway, I have include 30 day money back option if you not satisfied for any reason.

    Featured Benefit:

    1280 x 1024 pixels High resolution High sensitivity Low price.

    High-speed low-noise electronics  == 12 fps full resolution in 8-bit, 6 fps in 12-bit, higher speeds with binning and ROI Large pixels 6.7μm x 6.7μm == High signal to noise ratio; High dynamic range FireWire IEEE 1394 Digital Interface == Simple connectivity; Portability with laptop; Control of multiple cameras from one controller Exposure/Integration Control 40 μsecond to 15 minutes == Variable integration control 12-bit digitization == 4096 gray levels for precise gray level discrimination Real time image previewing == Fast preview, preview and capture images identical External synchronization and trigger == Capability for highly synchronized imaging Third party software compatible == A large selection of life science and industrial software are available for microscope, machine vision and video streaming applications.

    Item Specifics:


    • Ideal Win 10 and MacOS 10.14.4 tested functional conditions, no dead pixel on the sensor, 90 days warranty


    • 32-0021B-347

    Country/region of manufacture

    • Canada


    • QImage

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